I'm just a small town country girl with a big heart who loves making people happy with laughs left to right! I am prob. the clown of laughter and I love it and not only have a big heart, I have a bombshell personality I dont wanna be like anybody else but me and I'm happy who God made out of me and you will never meet any one as differnt and crazy as me :D - JESSIE JEWELL WHITE


I wish i never read the 50 shades….books.

Now i’m having fantasys about christian grey being like all toned and wanting to spank me. God, How many times have i had to change due to them freaking books giving me dreams. If my bf was christian Grey, I’d never let him out of bed


I didn’t think that those girls would go THAT far! I am so so sorry for that, sweetie. Report them, seriously!

Anonymous asked
so you think he liked her? was she pretty? or did he meet her and she made a new account to keep in touch and thats why he did?

Idk. Maybe. Yes she is, check her twitter page. They havent met, he added her on twitter

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who did randy orton follow? and like how? was it all of a sudden? was she from UK?

@rockchick4life26 via twitter. she told him thats its his hair and its upto him how he wants it. he followed her straight away and he was her first follower. she didnt even beg him to follow her

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your top ten female rockstar list was awful, no Shirley Manson, no Grace Slick, no Stevie Nicks, no Siouxsie Sioux, no Patti Smith, and ,no Karen O, no PJ Harvey, and you put Blondie, lol, her name is Debbie Harry what are you 7? -_-

It isn’t top ten its the 10 best singers in no order and they are my opinion of great singers. Its shorter so i put blondie. Not into those singers, I’m very 80s/90s with my singers.